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Posted on:November 14, 2014

The food is so good here at Thonga Beach Lodge, that paradoxically, you need a strategy to avoid wolfing everything down so fast that you don’t even taste it. Our strategy, liberally adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn, was to say “As you eat this salad, know that you are eating salad.” Or “As you eat this espresso crème brule, know that you are eating crème brule. Kabat-Zinn mysteriously adds “Then all will be revealed.”

We adopted this effective method for every one of the sensory activities at Thonga Beach Lodge. Each day is packed with so many delicious experiences – the beach walks, the massages, the sunset drive, the ocean diving – they can all pass by in a blur of bingeing. You can even find yourself constantly planning the next activity while still busy with one activity. Then before you know it, your heavenly time here has passed. We wanted to slow each step down, taste each taste as fully as possible, feel the sun, ocean and breeze on our skin and absorb every different type of light during the day.

Although your time here in this paradise will always feel too short, at least this way you will have lived fully every moment on your stay.


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