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Posted on:January 16, 2015

Every lodge needs a pair like this – the younger brother around whom you know there will always be fun, and the more serious brother who is knowledgeable and wise, while appreciating the enjoyment of his younger friend. They are an infectious duo and we are pleased when they take us out on the morning canoe ride.


Never a dull moment when you are with Thulani Ntuli, Kosi Forest Lodge guide

Never a dull moment when you are with Thulani Ntuli, Kosi Forest Lodge guide

Thulani Ntuli always has a glint in his eye and demonstrates how to climb and swing from a real vine monkey-rope. He has been with the lodge for 5 years and explains: “I started as a driver at Kosi Forest Lodge. Back then I was asking George a lot of questions. What is this? What is the name for this? Why does this creature do that? Now of course I am the one giving him the information.”

Super wildlife spotter George Makoba smiles knowingly, and is secure enough to not need to contradict his good friend. He has been at Kosi Forest Lodge for 10 years and knows every inch of the pristine habitat surrounding the lodge. With his keen bush eyes he spots darters, kingfisher, and a baby crocodile that took us forever to see, even when he tried pointing it out to us from different angles along the river. He is a wealth of information, pointing out trees that grow symbiotically together in the wild, indigenous blood lilies and candy-striped spiders.


Super spotter George on a canoe outing

Super spotter George on a canoe outing

Aside from the information and fun, they are genuinely caring guides and know just when to pass out cold bottles of water and treats. One guest comments that she would love to see a dung beetle, and they immediately go out of their way to find 3 of the hard working little guys.

I love being out and about with this symbiotic two and feel part of the Kosi family when they are in tandem, bantering or in turn, good naturedly accepting the teasing. We are all in a good mood the rest of the day and wave enthusiastically each time we see them around the lodge. We will be sure to request an outing with both of them again next time we visit this happy place.




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