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Heads held high: Raffia Palms of Kosi Forest

If you take a trip to Kosi forest lodge you will have the privilege of seeing the giant Raffia Palms,...
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Majestic Baobabs at Tsowa Safari Island

Dr Sharon Grussendorff is inspired by the great Baobabs of Tsowa Safari Island and writes about their mysterious beauty. As...
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Anticipatory Delights

When I go on holiday in a lovely place, I get that feeling of looking forward to everything. At Kosi...
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Unspoilt Places

There are very few truly unspoilt places left in the world, and I feel it keenly as a great privilege...
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Peeping Toms

There are few things more pleasurable than an outdoor bath under open African skies. Doing this at Kosi Forest Lodge...
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Snake Whisperer

With a smile as broad as his heart, this tree-hugging local will charm you, just as he charms snakes into...
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Bonjour Mademoiselle Gumede!

From the local village called KwaMnyayisa, next to Lake Shingeza, comes this elegant lady, Thandeka Gumede. She tentatively applied for...
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