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Beautiful-ugly beasties of the bush

I just adore these beautiful-ugly beasties – the warthog (a.k.a Pumba in the Lion King). These African hogs just ooze...

A warthog narrowly escapes a lioness

It  has been a fascinating week at Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge at Hluhluhwe iMfolozi Park. The guests witnessed a stalk by...

Why I return to the Kruger National Park every year

Africa Geographic published this blog about besotted reasons to visit the Kruger National Park every year. You can read this...

Baby season

Big eared, fluffy, clumsy, playful and affectionate, summer is baby season in the African bushveld and we are loving all...

Ranger Report, Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge

Here at last! The first Ranger Report from experienced Head Ranger Jason Kipling, from the newly opened Rhino Ridge Safari...

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