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So green it hurts

Not only is Isibindi Africa Group Executive Chef Carl Moller an incredible chef, talented photographer and sports enthusiast, he has...
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Thonga Menus

The food at Thonga Beach Lodge is receiving a lot of much-deserved attention. People often ask what kind of meals...
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Rhino Ridge Food Philosophy

I love how passionate the Isibindi Africa Lodges chefs are about local produce, and the team at the new Rhino...
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Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge: Head Chef Jarred Pullin

I am delighted by this bounding man of energy and passion for his craft as Head Chef of Rhino Ridge...
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Beautiful Food

Chef Carl Moller, Executive Head Chef of all Isibindi Africa Lodges, is one of those true creative types. Here he...
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Great excitement

I bump into Thonga Beach Lodge Chef Carl Moller placing the final touches on the colourful and healthy lunch buffet...
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Insert before and after ‘selfie’ here

Look there’s no need to make a complete scene, but do allow yourself a silent little weep when you encounter...
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Food Safari

Clear the mind, nourish the body, soothe the soul: A review by Sue Derwent: For me, the difference between a...
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Living the Good Life

I have heard that the Thonga Beach Lodge Head Chef has been newly promoted to Executive Chef over all Isibindi...
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